Monday, January 11, 2010

Poetess of the Dark..

Poetess of the dark..
Searching for words..
Loss of all senses..
Ripping her apart..
Looks up to see a familiar soul..
Sounds of silence all around..
Closes her Eyes in hope of a haven...
May be an escape into an ignorant bliss
Screams, Visuals, Hazy Creepiness
Everything but peace..
Wants to sleep...
Wide Awake, like a ghost..
Eyes fixed heavenwards..
Praying for a Miracle..
But, Prayer.. what Prayer..
There is no God..
Tears run down her cheeks..
No strength to Fight,
No will to rise..
Nobody to hear her plight..
And, so lies the poetess of dark.
Sleeps in dark, wakes up to dark..

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