Sunday, November 29, 2009


silences are the best buddies,
when the heart breaks without noises
and heartbeats have no voices,
while left alone in dark alleys,
and the shadows turn their face,
and walk away.

the silences are the ‘other’door ,
of the mind..;
to sneakout and run away,
from the numbing gloominess of a lost day..
When stumble over ,
the darkness clogged steps,
unable to discern the paths,
while searching,
frantically for density,
inside the emptiness of air,
some times,
silences are the best ropes,
to hang on,
clinging ,
to the roofs of an opaque life..

In the world of dingy twilights,
where you,me and we become one,
without substance of an identity,
where faces look inanimate,
with shadowy outlines,
and shades of black and white hues,
where contours appear as,
mixture of ridges and furrows ,
Silences are the best pals..
When one is lost,
in tracks with undefined goals,
and waves with unknown depths,
and when time stagnate and clot,
in bluish red veins of horizons,
when threads of hopes,
make tangled knots ,
with dreams,love and pain,
and life fall in the trap of expectations,
trying to escape vainly,
wounded and bleeding
Silences are the best friends..

A different waltz ...

I waltz,
With my shadow,
When they are long,
To hold my hand;
Into the night.

I dance to the whispers
Of wind passing by.
I hum notes of joy,
For having you close by.

Twilight ends,
And comes a time,
When I part with you again,
Silently, into the night.

Not yet Forgiven...

Not letting go the pain,
Not letting go the memories..
Letting go my pride..
I still in my words hide..
The hurt YOU gave me,
Forever to cherish!

not forcing you to listen..
not even wanting you..
i am still surviving
n will remain without dieing...

You may forgive me dear
Your forgiveness on the falling out
That all the more endears,
When we fall out with those we love
And kiss again with tears.................