Sunday, September 30, 2007

let me..just once....

Let me, just once
Let me hold your hand, just once
I promise you’ll want to hold it forever

Let me hold you in my arms, just once
I promise you’ll find peace lying in them

Let me stroke your face, just once
I promise you’ll never want me to stop

Let me kiss you gently, just once
I promise you’ll feel my love

Let me see you the way God intended to, just once
I promise you’ll feel immense security even though most vulnerable

Let me, just once
I promise that’s all it will take to be forever

Thursday, September 27, 2007


How could I be so naive and silly?
To love You so much, so deeply
without thinking about the reality
I trusted You completely
& dedicated my whole self to You entirely
A little care shown by you
took me out of my blues
I thought You loved me too
the same way as I loved You!
But now today I know
no flower survives the heavy snow
How empty,unspoken words
could make you feel this love?
I am lost and lonely again
with an excruciating pain
looks like all my prayers have gone in vain
And now I've come to realize that
each day was a step towards losing you
I lost You before I even found You...