Friday, December 4, 2009

I'll be fine..perhaps...

Everything I see
Becomes a part of me
Everything I feel
Everything so real
So hard I try
These tears not to cry
Yet the fact remains so true
That I'm not meant to be without you
So no matter how many times I say
"I'll be fine", this pain still does find a way
To enter my mind, body and soul
Reminders of how once I was a whole
Pieces of me scattered in the sun
It must be ended, for once it was begun ... <3 <3 <3

My Drenched Dreams ...

Beleaguered by the demons
Of insurgent desires,
Bemoaning the fate
In a discordant choir

Dripping from the showers
Of false fabrications
Soaked in the misery
Of ambiguous convictions

Drenched Dreams!
My drenched Dreams!
Weary by the wanderings
On long & windy roads
Drained by carrying
The unbearable loads

Scorched by the sun

Heading the journey’s end
Parched lips yearn,
Eyes thirst the end:
End of the journey
And end of pain
Ending the life
The dreams remain…

Thirsty Dreams!
Killer Dreams!

My drenched Dreams!