Monday, March 15, 2010

Mirror Image

I am in a mirror store

Infinites reflecting objects surrounds me

But no, not even a single one facing me,

I want to see myself......walked some steps..

Still no one facing me....

I am Impatient....still nothing facing me

Then I began to adapt to forget everything in me...

and my Impatience about ...

What happens now.........!!!
The mirrors Surrounding me becomes

A cone with its tip just above my head

And thus I came inside of me

I saw myself in such an inside-ness

Now who is this I don't know..

Is it me or my emptiness...

Monday, January 11, 2010

Framed ... ~~

For ages i just followed your bid;
Doing things for you, though ill at ease.
Heard you say things about whatever I did.
Always seeking approval,always trying to please.

But now no more putting up with the same;
Won't cut down my picture to fit your frame!

Oh! So it is me you are afraid to lose?!
But Folks,when did you ever let me be me?
What you want of me is not what I choose.
Don't tell me what's right, just let me be!

If you make the rules,I won't play the game!
Won't cut down my picture to fit your frame!

I care a damn what you think, is a mistake.
I am what I am;This is the way I want to live.
I just cannot keep doing things for your sake,
coz you cannot forget & you cannot forgive!!

You don't like it this way?!What a shame!
Won't cut down my picture to fit your frame!

You don't like what I say? Go take a walk!
Will take your din no more,Will drown out the noise.
You said what you had to; it's my turn to talk
Mute for ages,now I have found my voice
Don't care what you call me;I will make a Name,
But won't cut down my picture to fit your frame! ! !

Poetess of the Dark..

Poetess of the dark..
Searching for words..
Loss of all senses..
Ripping her apart..
Looks up to see a familiar soul..
Sounds of silence all around..
Closes her Eyes in hope of a haven...
May be an escape into an ignorant bliss
Screams, Visuals, Hazy Creepiness
Everything but peace..
Wants to sleep...
Wide Awake, like a ghost..
Eyes fixed heavenwards..
Praying for a Miracle..
But, Prayer.. what Prayer..
There is no God..
Tears run down her cheeks..
No strength to Fight,
No will to rise..
Nobody to hear her plight..
And, so lies the poetess of dark.
Sleeps in dark, wakes up to dark..

The sudden "end"...

we met a few times
and made a few memories
but these memories are nothing
but a pack of rubbish worries.

if only he had been better
and also good to me
life might have been different today
for him and for me

he wanted some fun
i wanted a friend
the difference between the two
brought the sudden end... :')

... To The Other Side...

If I were to die today
And there just was no other way
And no place where I could hide
Would you come with me to the other side?

Death just seems so close to me
Right in front, but I just can't see
My time is up and no more can I bide
Would you come with me to the other side?

Darkness is brightest during light
When everything else is out of sight
I just seem to wash away with the tide
Would you come with me to the other side?

If I left one day and never came back
Know its not because my love for you does lack
If you hear that I have died
Would you come with me to the other side?

Never knowing when it all might end
My wishes to you right now I send
Know that you name was the last word I cried
Would you come with me to the other side?

So if I leave now never to return
Will you hurt? Will you burn?
And though apart from love, nothing else can I provide
Yet I ask, Would you come with me to the other side?

Alone is what we are...

Understand from the eternal drops,
Not to cry and shed your tears.
For who has gone and left you was never yours,
For you were alone, since you were born,
And will always be, in the time to come
Before with time apart you are torn.

Those you illusion to be together,
Were never there with you.
For the clouds come and the rain,
And move on ahead until they are gone.

Many more come along and the rain,
Soaking you in the short lived joy,
Reconstructing you to relief,
Making you fall again and destroy.

This is life, a comprehension
From where you are to comprehend.
To live in peace and joy forever
Its alone from your birth and alone when you end.