Sunday, May 25, 2008

m doomed!

things have seemed quite unstable ever since results have come ...
feels quirky at times how one result can change the destiny and the profile of a person...
5yrs back being a 70%scorer was a boast able experience...but today thanks to the unprecedented competition that has followed has made such a huge impact that now a 80% means to have a terrible score
i can only imagine what it must have been for those scoring nething below that score..
have heart people
i mean even ashok ganguly wouldn t have scored a 90..damn!!!!
he suxx n so does his strategies!!!!!!


its been a boring Sunday morning..its 2.26pm right now...
well..dunno what i wanna write down today but it seems like a new realisation...about my life my people..
which brings em to my boards results...
i know it wasn't that good...
could have done so much well..
but that's the point..its been done already and it cannot be turned down n changed..
people have been calling up n down as if am dead or something..
i mean its so funny...
hoe much can a boards result matter...
n d reactions r even more erratic in nature..!
everyone grumbled dat i got 74 in eng no1 appreciated d fact that i got a 96 in
which was like really tough...
coz..i am supposed to bring in my 90s just coz m dis so called street smart English speaking bitch or something...
its really funny...
i know i deserve more...n m trying my best to get it re-evaluated but that's like a different [point altogether...
people have presented such perceptions about me that makes me shiver utmost down my spine..
come on guys..
gimme a chance!!!!!
peace out!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

do u remember...

Don’t let your past bring you down,
don’t let it bring a frown,
live in the present,
live life to the fullest,
don’t let anyone tell you wrong ,
live it on your own terms,
at your own pace,
because as soon as you know it ,
it will pass before your eyes.
Do you remember the times we laughed,
the times we cried,
the times tried to say goodbye,
or even the times we had said hello.
Do you remember those smiles
that came on your face,
a giggle which made a world a difference,
a tear that made me a whole lot depressed,
do you remember the times
we fought over the pointless arguments that we got to,
over the jealousy that we held,
over the frustration that needed to be let out...
Don’t forget those times we had,
even through the bad and good,
we made it through. . .

my feelings for u...

I still have feelings for you.
Yes it's true.
All wounds heal in time.
But not mine.
I'm falling for you,
and while my heart says go;
My brain says no.
What should I do?
If I may still love you.
I can't keep living this lie!
And I can't just say goodbye!
Life is rough.
And love is tough.
So we better get use to it now,
but how?
God must be really clever.
Because I want to be with you forever.
But I've done so much wrong.
And this isn't like a love song;
Where there is always a happy ending.
But for you I am always bending.
Jealousy and rage seem to be locked away in a cage.
So maybe you have changed.
But are your feelings rearranged?
Even so; I can't let go.
So I will be holding on for eternity.
If that's what it takes to bring you back to me. love

My feelings mean nothing at all,
They will be lost as time goes by.
It's hard to say what I feel
But I know
I can’t hide from these feelings all the time.
It’s hard to say I miss you
But you burnt a hole right through my heart
N I never thought you'd make me break me,
You’re breaking apart this love in my heart,
I wish I could rewind everything back to the start