Thursday, May 22, 2008

my feelings for u...

I still have feelings for you.
Yes it's true.
All wounds heal in time.
But not mine.
I'm falling for you,
and while my heart says go;
My brain says no.
What should I do?
If I may still love you.
I can't keep living this lie!
And I can't just say goodbye!
Life is rough.
And love is tough.
So we better get use to it now,
but how?
God must be really clever.
Because I want to be with you forever.
But I've done so much wrong.
And this isn't like a love song;
Where there is always a happy ending.
But for you I am always bending.
Jealousy and rage seem to be locked away in a cage.
So maybe you have changed.
But are your feelings rearranged?
Even so; I can't let go.
So I will be holding on for eternity.
If that's what it takes to bring you back to me.

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