Saturday, May 19, 2007

piece of life...

Piece Of life"

i hear the sigh of that crying child,
littered in the filth along the roadside,
dark and pale and flumsy skin
in the pierching summer heat,
no flesh, no cloth to hide his soul..
there i see the hunger in his eyes,
there i feel the pain in his sighs,
and there she comes, a mother,
lifting that piece, her piece of life,
kissing and embracing in her arms tight,
a moment of relief and a moment to smile,
both for me and that little innocent child.
I hear the sigh of that jaded man,a father,
a brother and a husband for some souls,
working hard the whole day long for a meagre wage
to keep him on,no sign of pleasure,
no sign of pain,
on his forehead some hopes in vain,
his doom so dice,
and deep in the heart a fire lies,
he wants to cry for his life derride,
but tears all drenched in those filthy sweat,
he returns from the field at the dusk so weird,
with some gauky faces waiting at home,
and a hope for just a piece of bread..
there i see the guilt in his eyes,
there i see the pain in his heart,
and there lies a sweet little baby,
gazing his father and broadening his arms,
and in that innocent smile the man is lost,
lost his worries and all his pain,
his heaven as he embraces his piece of life,
and there i find some tears rolling down his eyes...!!