Monday, October 1, 2007


It’s been such a long time
since we parted ways.
We didn't talk
and didn't meet.
Wanting to get on
with our lives in our own ways
And then we saw
each other across a crowded room.
And I realized to my surprise
that I still felt the same.
I looked at you
you looked at me
and the world faded into oblivity.
You asked for my hand,
and I gave you mine.
When our fingers touched
the time stopped for an eternity.
We sat like that for I don't know how long.
All I knew was my heart was content
and my soul was humming a happy song.
I wanted nothing more
than to hold you in my arms.
But didn't want to ask
for I wasn't willing to take another chance.
Then you asked if I still loved you,
and I thought my heart,
a beat, will miss.
I couldn't decide whether to hold on to my sanity,
or fall again into this heart breaking bliss?
And I said yes,'cos that was the truth.
I could no more to myself lie.
I never did stop loving you...
even after I said goodbye.
Gingerly I held your hand
wondering if it would be like before.
The same love, the same serenity?
The same blessedness as before?
But it was like time had stood still
Nor time and neither the distance
Could change the way I feel.
Was it serendipity or the universe's will?
That we were holding each other again?
But will someone tell me~
If what we have is meant to end
Than why does...such moments to us...
The destiny lends? ? ?

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